Patience: Accepting That Control Requires Self-Care

Posted on August 09, 2018

"A waiting person is a patient person." - Henri J.M. Nouwen

Argh! Have you ever felt impatient at a red light, or irritated at the end of a long line for your prescription at the pharmacy? You're not alone.

Patience can feel scarce when you don't have control over a situation. It can feel like breast cancer interrupted your life and brought a slew of frustrations at the worst moments. Finding a tiny bit of control can bring us patience later.

Control might look like self-care: a walk around the block, getting up early for 15 minutes of alone time, spending time each week encouraging others who have breast cancer or starting a gratitude journal. Don't let anyone (including yourself!) make you feel guilty for taking care of yourself.

Here are some conversations on MyBCTeam about patience:

"Having a much better day. I think I have learned that you just need to be patient and eventually you will feel better."

"Be gentle and forgiving with yourself and ask those close to you to read material on what chemo does to us, both physically and mentally. It will get better and your patience will come back along with better brain function."

"My body has been through a tremendous amount & when I'm healed enough, it will be done. I'd rather not rush it. That's just the way things are for me these days. Hurry up & wait. Patience. Patience. Patience."

Have you found ways to take back control and practice patience? What do you do to be more open to self-care? Share your insights in the comments below or directly on

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