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itchy breast post treatment

I completed treatment chemo surgery and lumpectomy 6 years ago...recently I have had really bad itching on breast I had treatment am worried..have been using exzma cream but still really itchy...anyone got any ideas am really worried???

posted about 1 hour ago by A MyBCTeam User

I think you should get it checked out.

posted about 1 hour ago


What is better; taking tamoxifen in the am or pm? I'm thinking of the side effects.

posted about 20 hours ago by A MyBCTeam User
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I also have only taken it at bedtime ( 2 years now)

posted about 7 hours ago

Who do you call

I planned on asking my surgeon about this at my last appointment and of course forgot until I got home grrr!! But which doctor do you call when you have issues? Since it's something new do you call your primary? I think my issues are related to radiation so should I call them? Or it could be Tamoxifan issues...I'm so confused!!

posted about 24 hours ago by A MyBCTeam User
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Definitely your radiation oncologist, questions regarding mess, your medical oncologist. I hear you, a little over a year out, I'm still confused.

posted about 13 hours ago

Lump in armpit

I am 2 years post bilateral mastectomy. (No rads or chemo) Noticed a red, sore, pea sized lump in my armpit this morning.
Of course my mind goes to the dark place. What else COULD it be??

posted 1 day ago by A MyBCTeam User
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I had a very sm lump near my nipple non cancer side. I already had nipple sparing mastectomy really scared me but it turned out to be a granuloma also Keep the faith.… read more

posted about 7 hours ago


Does anyone have or had metastatic cancer in the pleura? And or tiny cancerous nodules spread out in both lungs? I am wondering if this type is capable of being NED after taking Ibrance & Letrozole treatments?

posted 3 days ago by A MyBCTeam User
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Oh gosh..this cancer is horrible! I'm very glad you responded to the treatments! are you NED Now?

posted about 8 hours ago

Incision not healing

I had a double mastectomy in December. My left breast incision broke open about an in long and maybe 1/2 wide at the center point. Due to poor blood flow. Surgeon called it a hiccup in the road to recovery but insisted it will heal with bandages and Neosporin. Haven't seen my PS yet. Can't start my injections for the expanders until I am healed.
Any suggestions?

posted 4 days ago by A MyBCTeam User
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I had my surgery in june 9th and same thing happened to me, but on both boobs. The skin ruptured and I had to treat it like wound care. It took till October to… read more

posted about 2 hours ago

Does anyone else have the Paragard Copper IUD? Truth behind copper and recurrence?

Of course I was reading.... and found that copper is bad for breast cancer patients, yet I have the Paragard Copper IUD!! Ahh

tags: copper Paragard

posted 5 days ago by A MyBCTeam User
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I have it also. My doctor said it was fine. Only birth control they recommended.

posted 3 days ago
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