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Has anyone with tnbc been treated with xtandi & what were your results. It is a male hormone pill ( androgen ) . I've just begun taking it & so far, no side effects. Hoping for good results, but we will see

posted about 17 hours ago by A MyBCTeam User
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I'm triple negative and I've never heard of it. But I'm very interested in whether or not it proves helpful to you. I wish you the very best

posted about 12 hours ago

Nerve block. HER2+

I was just wondering if anybody else had a nerve block presurgery.
I was also wondering if anybody else is worried about being HER2+. I was diagnosed with IDC stage 1 but its the HER2 +
That scares me. I probably spend to much time on google .

posted about 20 hours ago by A MyBCTeam User
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posted about 16 hours ago


I've been tossing this around my head for weeks. Ive told a few people that I have breast cancer and the immediate reaction is "I'm sorry" or "Can I hug you". I'm not sad I'm not upset, I view this is a roadblock. Its life changing but Ive done my research and I am anxious but prepared to take this journey and put up the best fight of my life. Im not letting this defeat me. Does anyone else feel this way? I'm not one to let things get me down. A blessing from God. My Dad has the same temperment.

edited, originally posted 1 day ago by A MyBCTeam User
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I was extremely tight lipped about having BC. I told my husband and 2 grown sons to not tell anyone. Let me decide who was going to know and how I would tell them. The… read more

posted about 12 hours ago

Bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction

How long was your recovery? Please share your story.

posted 1 day ago by A MyBCTeam User
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I'm another non-standard reconstruction (1 replacement, 1 removal, 4 additional months of wound healing... LOL!) Another story completely!! Yours is going to go like… read more

posted about 21 hours ago


Has anyone else's teethe started breaking off or fillings coming out due to the chemo because mine has

posted 1 day ago by A MyBCTeam User
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I have had many teeth issues and it started 2 years after treatment. My teeth started breaking and they couldn't be repaired. It got so bad I had to have my once… read more

posted 1 day ago


Has anyone ever had elevated liver enzymes while being on tamoxifen?

posted 2 days ago by A MyBCTeam User

Does radiation have an effect on blood counts?

I am 2 weeks out from radiation and still extremely tired. I've noticed in the last few days that I have bruises all over my body. I was like this on chemo when my hemoglobin was low so I am wondering if this could be the case now.

posted 3 days ago by A MyBCTeam User
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It all takes time to get out of your system just take little walks to get more energy

posted about 21 hours ago

Anyone else have musle spasms and body aches from taxol

My 5th round of chemo I started taxol and now I have body aches and muscle spasms anyone else have these problems

posted 3 days ago by A MyBCTeam User
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Good tips! I'll be starting Taxol in 3 weeks, so reading ahead for info!! Huggs to you all!!

posted 1 day ago

How long did it take for your hair to grow back

I took the red devil my first 4 treatments and all my hair came out i will being taking my 6th treatment of taxol in a week and my hair has already started coming back I hope it don't come back out ..

posted 3 days ago by A MyBCTeam User
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Same chemo same schedule. For me, Taxol made whatever strands or lashes I had left hit the floor.
What you will find is that when your finished, it springs forth… read more

posted 1 day ago

Does "side boob" go away ever, new implants

It's been one month with my round silicone implants and I've been using my surgical vest and a sports bra although the sports bra does not compress it as much, but I'm noticing the implants are wide, kinda goes under my armpit. I tried to push them a little but they're not as movable as the real thing if you know what I mean and I'm hoping that my follow-up appointment he'll tell me that either bras will push them together or that it will be going away. Does anyone with… read more

posted 3 days ago by A MyBCTeam User
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Thanks @A MyBCTeam User --Wish you the best and I will take a closer look at what's going on.

posted 2 days ago
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