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If You Chose A Prophylactic Double Mastectomy, Who/how Many Relatives/friends Did You Tell At Surgery Time?

If You Chose A Prophylactic Double Mastectomy, Who/how Many Relatives/friends Did You Tell At Surgery Time?

I had breast cancer 7 years ago at a "young" age--in my mid forties. I now test positive for PALB2 mutation at age 54. I am planning a prophylactic double mastectomy with reconstruction for this spring. Most around me see me as "cured" but I don't like the odds of having breast cancer again or the possibility of dealing with chemo again because of the genetic abnormality.
Anyone else out there? Who do you tell?

posted January 30, 2018
A MyBCTeam Member

@A MyBCTeam Member...part of my decision was as a nurse, my observations showed me a stronger recovery and overall response to therapy in those who made an aggressive,early choice in their treatments and surgeries. But I also had personal experience in watching my mother fight and lose her battle in 1967. she came from a generation where the diagnosis of cancer [no matter the type] viewed it as a death sentence. her fear kept her from early diagnosis and maternal great aunt also had breast cancer and died from it as did many other family members. but my experience as a nurse opened my eyes to possible treatments. and so here I am a six year survivor. my case also helped give us the information that showed while we had a large number of family that had cancer it was not a genetic gene. early detection, aggressive surgery, and chemo/radiation increased my chances of survival[ not an absolute.] I also know how vital support of family, faith, humor, and knowledge helped . hope this answers your question. I do know I would not change my mind about the bilateral was the right decision for me

posted March 8, 2018
A MyBCTeam Member

I just told everybody. Why not? I'm not ashamed of it and I'm still around to tell the tale!

posted February 1, 2018
A MyBCTeam Member

Hi, I hope you are feeling well.
I had a bi-lateral mastectomy 09/24/14 and wished I had it “proactively” (while my body was healthier, before radiation, etc.

I highly recommend the bi-lateral - it has given me peace of mind. I am a 10 year survivor.

God bless you ....
As far as who to tell ... tell the people who will build you up. Thus is YOUR time .... you do not need to WASTE your time “comforting” anyone!!!!!

posted June 12, 2018
A MyBCTeam Member

The week of Thanksgiving 2016 I was diagnosed with IDC. In January of 2017 I had my bilateral mastectomy. Personally I was very transparent & open with my journey. I do not regret that choice as I had an incredible support system walk with me through mastectomy, reconstruction, radical hysterectomy in July 2017 & final reconstruction October 2017.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here. It’s all in how you feel about it & who you want to walk with you.

Prayers for all who are facing surgeries & treatment. HUGS 🤗!!

posted June 9, 2018
A MyBCTeam Member

Hi I am currently in hospital after having my double mastectomy on the 14th feb, I told everyone because I wanted everyone I came in contact with to understand the reasons why I had chosen to have this done, I had stage3 triple negative breast cancer in 2015, and after the chemo and radiotherapy I still felt like I was always waiting for it to happen again which is why I chose to have this done as a prophylactic measure. My family, friends and work colleagues have really supported me and I feel like my plight has helped to spread the word to a few more people
Sian smith

posted February 18, 2018

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