Breast Cancer Question

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Chemo alternatives

Chemo alternatives

Hi, I just got a call from my surgeon with oncotype score of 28. My oncologist had told me if it came back 25 or higher she would recommend chemotherapy. I know chemo saves lives, but I am terrified of it because I know it does a lot of damage in the meantime. I'm not saying I will refuse chemo, but just wondering if there is anyone out there who has heard of or used an alternative method to chemo. I have a double mastectomy coming up as well, another challenge that I am not looking forward… read more

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A MyBCTeam Member said:

It really depends on what type of Chemo. I had Tamoxifen which was a aggressive chemo. Horrible. Then later he changed it to Alimpta which wasn’t as… read more

posted 15 days ago
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