Breast Cancer: What People Don't See (Infographic)

Posted on February 05, 2017 by A MyBCTeam User

There's so much more to experiencing breast cancer than meets the eye. Below the surface, facing breast cancer can mean anxiety, pain, leftover symptoms from treatment, and loneliness. We know that breast cancer means many possible combinations of experiences and emotional struggles, many of which appear invisible to outsiders. Most people don't see what we experience.

On, the social network and online support group for women facing breast cancer, members discuss the impactful nature of BC. MyBCTeam has grown to reach 29,000 members, and members have shared thousands of conversations about life with breast cancer. Throughout the year we will share themes we see come up time and time again on MyBCTeam. We chose the image of an iceberg to represent breast cancer because the life-impacting implications of BC aren't obvious on the surface. Please share to spread breast cancer awareness!

This list is by no means exhaustive. What would you add?

It’s funny after you finish treatment people say so your all better now I just smile and say all good even though my bones are destroyed my teeth are… read more

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