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Can I Ask If Anyone Has Had A Tattoo On Their Affected Side

Can I Ask If Anyone Has Had A Tattoo On Their Affected Side

I would love a tattoo of cherry blossom on my effected side. I have had lymph nodes removed and am flat as I could only have a bilateral reconstruction but I didn’t fancy that. Has anyone had a tattoo, I know they say no blood taken from that arm or blood pressure. I did phone the breast nurse at my hospital who just said if it’s healed it should be fine, but I’m wondering if the same applies if lymph nodes have been taken. Thanks in advance

A MyBCTeam Member said:

Okay, thanks. I’ll leave it then. I was a bit confused as breast nurses at my hospital said so long as the skin is fully healed it’ll be ok. But I was told no bloods/blood pressure from that arm unless it was life or death 😬

posted about 5 hours ago
A MyBCTeam Member said:

The risk of developing lymphadema increases with the more lymph nodes removed. These days, sentinel node biopsies are common and they typically only remove 2 or 3 lymph nodes. With that number, the risk is low. However, if you’re taking every precaution to avoid lymphadema, then don’t do it.

posted about 6 hours ago
A MyBCTeam Member said:

I would ask your doctor.
Current research says, if the unaffected side is usable for blood pressure check, lab draw, shots, it is ok to use the affected side. My lymph edema specialist told me she had a patient 10 years after treatment get lymph edema after she a lab tech draw her blood on that side. I had lymph nodes removed and radiation on the left. That said, my left side is off limits!

posted 6 days ago
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