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Mid March I'm Having My Masect And DIEP Flap Reconstruction. I'm Looking For Tips For Sleeping & Comfortable Clothes For The 1st Wks Home.

Mid March I'm Having My Masect And DIEP Flap Reconstruction. I'm Looking For Tips For Sleeping & Comfortable Clothes For The 1st Wks Home.

Do I get a recliner lift chair if I wont be able to use my arms to get up? Will sweats be comfortable enough? TY

posted February 11, 2018
A MyBCTeam Member

I had bilateral mastectomies in August 2018.
Rather than spend money unnecessarily, I cut the arms out of XXL men's shirts to wear. When able to tolerate closer clothing, I wore soft crop tops that I stepped into and pulled up to my chest.
Expensive post-surgery bras (which my Hospital admission fact sheet insisted had to be brought) were a complete waste of money and never worn!
The Back Scratcher advice is a good one too - luckily I already had one at home and he was very co-operative.
Getting in and out of bed was difficult - rolling wasn't an option, especially with double drains. Sorry I can't offer any suggestions for this.
The one thing I didn't give any thought to but turned out to be impossible was flushing the toilet - I was completely unable to press down with my arms. I tied a long looped cord around the toilet handle and flushed the toilet with my foot. Necessity is the Mother of Invention!

posted January 19, 2019
A MyBCTeam Member

I just had a masectomy 4 wks ago. Get some blouses that buttons up front bec. It will be difficult to lift your arms for awhile. Sweatpants was also helpful bec. Its loose and comfortable. I found it helpful having an electronic toothbrush. I also found it helpful using those tube pillows. It helped my neck and it was also a great back support. Another thing you must have is a back sratcher. Good luck in your upcoming procedure, and stay strong.

posted July 14, 2018
A MyBCTeam Member

Hi I would suggest getting a recliner, that is the only way I could sleep and I slept in it for 6 weeks, getting out of bed was not pleasant. I also got a shower chair and that helped tremendously. And button down shirts so you can clean out drains easily

posted June 10, 2018
A MyBCTeam Member

I had a double mastectomy in Jan 2015. One thing I wouldn't bother with are the special mastectomy bras. I went out and bought two of them and never wore them. I ended up getting some soft stretchy Coobie bras and lived in those until after my reconstruction was done. Best of luck with your surgery.

posted January 18, 2019
A MyBCTeam Member

I did not opt for reconstruction. Once drains were out my recovery was quick, 4 yrs ago, opted out of chemo and hormone therapy, never looked back. Doing great. God and humor are my saving grace(s) .

posted June 9, 2018

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