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Still Can't Decide - Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy

Still Can't Decide - Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy

Some of the discussions here date back a couple of years, so I thought I'd pose the question again. My surgery is 2/15. I have a 5-6 cm tumor in my right breast. I'm being told that the BS is 'comfortable doing either' surgery. The PS says I'm a 'perfect candidate for either'. He said I'd have great results either way. I already know I don't want a bilateral mastectomy. I go back and forth on the mastectomy or lumpectomy on the right. I am going to do reconstruction as… read more

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A MyBCTeam Member said:

I had an 7.7 cm tumor removed from my left breast...aggressive triple negative stage 1. I went back and forth on which way to go wanting them to be the… read more

posted 4 months ago
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