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Still Can't Decide - Lumpectomy Vs. Mastectomy

Still Can't Decide - Lumpectomy Vs. Mastectomy

Some of the discussions here date back a couple of years, so I thought I'd pose the question again. My surgery is 2/15. I have a 5-6 cm tumor in my right breast. I'm being told that the BS is 'comfortable doing either' surgery. The PS says I'm a 'perfect candidate for either'. He said I'd have great results either way. I already know I don't want a bilateral mastectomy. I go back and forth on the mastectomy or lumpectomy on the right. I am going to do reconstruction as well, and they will… read more

posted January 28, 2018
A MyBCTeam Member

My BS told me I was 'ample' and lumpectomy, conservative was going to take care of it and then radiation.
I had 2 lumps in my right breast and 1 in my left.
Pathology results stated the 2 lumps in the right were over 6 cm each, 1 in the chest wall and the other right under the nipple. The left breast had a 6cm lump.
I did not have clear margins and now I have 2 types of cancer; Invasive Ductal Carcinoma and Lobular Carcinoma.
After double diagnosis I decided on bilateral mastectomy.
My BC was shocked and said we can still go conservative and I said and what if the margins still aren't clear?
My Oncologist just turned around and walked out the door.
My husband was upset and it took 2 of our daughters talking with him for over 2 hours before he decided to support my decision.
My BMX was 2 days before Thanksgiving. I received a call from my BS the following week apologizing and then telling me both breasts were full of cancer and I had made the right choice.
All I can really say is, go with your gut. The paranoia was overwhelming, the amount of information coming at me was immense. I needed peace and once I made that decision, I was at peace.

posted August 14, 2019
A MyBCTeam Member

I had an 7.7 cm tumor removed from my left breast...aggressive triple negative stage 1. I went back and forth on which way to go wanting them to be the same size was one of my concerns I always had large breasts so didnt worry too much about being too small of a breast size .I went with lumpectomy and had 7 weeks of radiation.I had alot of problems with the side effects of tumor breast looked great after 2 surgeries (I had a hemotoma)and radiation more perky! I decided to do a lift and reduction on the right breast and decided against filling in the left where the tumor was as it can make it harder to read the mammograms in the future ...I have mammogram then MRI once a year because of the triple negative and high grade.for at least 3 years ..maybe 5..sometimes I do wonder if I should have just had the madtectomy

posted January 18, 2019
A MyBCTeam Member

Wow there are so many decisions to make and each one is difficult. No one knows the right answer and surely don't know if they don't have breast cancer. Each persons body reacts differently to different treatments, surgeries, medicines. You just decide and pray for the best. I decided bilateral mascemtomy then I had hard chemo, and radiation, and hormonal therapy which I am going through still. I am 59-year-old and decided I had my foobs long enough. To much pain, to much doctors, to much help, no life, so it ends. But that's my decision. Makes certain things different time changes all pain and thoughts. Good luck to all

posted March 22, 2018
A MyBCTeam Member

I had a left mastectomy and reconstruction on the right. By choosing the mastectomy, I did not have to have chemo or radiation because my cancer was not found in any lymph nodes. Though the expander was uncomfortable when being filled and before it settled, I returned to work in 6 weeks. In terms of the life of the implant, my first one (saline) broke in the second year. At that point I changed both out for the silicone gel and it’s been 6 years and no issues. My PS was excellent and grafted a nipple that appears very real. Regarding your size, you can probably get a larger implant in the future, but that’s a conversation with your PS. My niece was large and told they couldn’t do reconstruction originally due to radiation damage from having Hogkins at 16. After my surgery, she went to my PS and received successful implants. So I think it depends on the PS. I had my surgery and reconstruction at Roswell Park in Buffalo, NY. Her original surgery was at a different hospital. I guess what you need to know is that there are many PS with many different capabilities and you should research your options where you live. The most important thing is dealing with your cancer first, then you have time to deal cosmetically. Get healthy because that’s the most important. My best to you on successful treatment.

posted February 20, 2018
A MyBCTeam Member

I too chose a lumpectomy! It’s been 4 years and you can’t barely tell the difference in either breast! You have to have peace with yourself and God! As Him, He will lead you!

posted February 18, 2018

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