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Anyone Have DCIS Stage 0. What Did You Do?
A MyBCTeam Member asked a question 💭

Hi did anyone have DCIS stage 0. What did you do?

posted April 12, 2015
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A MyBCTeam Member

I had a lumpectomy. Did not need chemo or radiation. Refused Tamoxafin. That was 6 mos. ago. Due for follow up mammography.

posted April 30, 2015 (edited)
A MyBCTeam Member

@A MyBCTeam Member did you have DCIS also?

posted April 21, 2015
A MyBCTeam Member

I was diagnosed in Nov with dcis stage 0..
As we all know this decision is a personal one..I myself chose a double mastectomy. My reason was issues of itchy breasts that drs couldn't explain. So when it showed up in my right behind the nipple I had to really think if I wanted the lumpectomy or itchy breasts isn't common from what I've read..I could be wrong..but some women this was a very early sign. So I prayed on this for some time, and one day woke up and decided double mastectomy. Not gonna lie, I really doubted my decision after being home a few days..I had some issues but made it through and am glad I did it.
Only downside, none of my shirts fit the same so I get to go shopping. I'm sure several have had to do that.
Whatever decision you's what's right for you.
You got this

posted April 5
A MyBCTeam Member

I was diagnosed with DCIS Stage 0, grade 3 on 10/16/2022. Being an old OR nurse, I just decided to go with a BIL Mastectomy. I have expanders now. Getting them exchanged for implants in March. Losing weight and will get the DIEP procedure at the end of the year, hopefully.

posted February 5
A MyBCTeam Member

I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Cancer and DCIS on Valentine's Day and had a double mastectomy April 6.
For a number of reasons, I have opted for a double mastectomy. My decision to do a bilateral mastectomy was reinforced when my surgeon went over the pathology report with me. The pathology report also found a small, tiny ductal cancer insitu in my Left breast. So had I just addressed the cancer that was evident on the scans with a lumpectomy or single mastectomy, I would have been looking at this cancer diagnosis again as soon as it was showing up on the mammogram. I am lucky that my cancer was detected early and I have been spared radiation and chemo. I just never doubted my decision before or after the surgery. I think you have to do what you feel is right for you and will make you the happiest. God Bless you.

posted November 19, 2022

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