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Port Placement

Port Placement

I had a port put in Monday at 2pm , today is 4th day and I feel in neck to swallow, tilt head back etc. All right where catheter was placed its tender , even to breathe at times . I've been checked dr says may be a little trauma to the nerve or muscle , there is no swelling or redness just pain

A MyBCTeam Member said:

Yes, I was using alternating ice packs for a couple of days- as well as some OTC pain meds. I started chemo without the port, but it was too hard on my veins so the port was placed. Having done chemo with and without- with the port is so much better, no more multiple sticks for labs or infusions. Hang in there!

posted 7 days ago
A MyBCTeam Member said:

i had mine put in tues. i was having trouble. pain at site and my neck and shoulder blade. dr said it muscle due to the position i was in when they place port. said to use heat it helps alittle.also port area still hurts im using ice. said it could be sore and tender for a week. hope this helps. praying it gets better fast for you.

posted 8 days ago
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