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For those that had a lumpectomy, radiation and are taking Tamoxifin, did you have a recurrence?

A MyBCTeam Member said:

Recurrence 20 years later after BC on Right Breast and Chemo w/tamoxifen.
Then Jan 2011 IDC left breast, radiation, tamoxifen(hated) then hysterectomy 2012 with ovarian and placed on Arimidex and Aromiason. Aug 2014 supposed DCIS that was not seen on mammogram or ultra sound, how're grew from June to Aug to triple size. Biopsy and DCIS ER receptive, bilateral mastectomy that revealed 4 out of 7 sections of left breast with DCIS MIXED FORM, SOME CRIBIFORM, SOME LOBULAR. Nuclear Grade 2, with some micro-invasion and necrosis.
Have had pain in 9 the rib since April 2013. X-ray, bone scan and pet all showed lytic area. Fine needle biopsy inconclusive and then ignored by ONCO. Breast surgeon repeated MRI of brain Oct . 2013 after she told me( not oncologist) that June 2011 MRI brain showed micro vascular lesions. I was complaining about memory and cognitive issues ( as I worked as Nurse). October 2013 MRI showed three times the lesions. I was mad never told but then became angry to find medical journals which prove a correlation between HR therapy and MRI changes seen in the brains of women taking. My X ONCO had co-authored two of them.
My 11th rib showed same lytic area on bone scan in August and dismissed as old fracture with the 9th still with uptake. Told not likely to be in 9th and skip to 11th. Nov 2014 bone scan/CT SHOWED new uptake in 10th, with impression for further work up but maybe old fracture. First I remember no fractures of ribs. Second how 9 there alone, then 9& 11 new(but old) then couple months later uptake 9, 11 and new in 10! Well since dealing with failure of reconstruction, with revision and then removal Jan 4th 2015. Another CT performed to look for potential vascular support for DIEP reconstruction.
IMPRESSION: SCLEROTIC BONE LESION 1 cm of L5 on spine, Metastatic cancer.
I continue taking Aromiason (estrogen Blocker) while I await removal of right expander for MRI AND BONE BIOPSY. In June 2012 bone density was perfect, September 2014 osteoporosis of spine, pelvis, ribs. Osteopenia everywhere else. Feeling like a 98 year old and only 47, who played sports and was a world class athlete up to Dec. 2010..
They are horrible, but want to see son graduate high school, new oncologist said it stopped it from spreading to other organs and that is main job.
I will keep updating as I raise hell and start a new journey fight this (bit$&) breast cancer in my bones.
Stay strong, fight 4 U, Listen to body and do not hesitate as I did to push harder and not get bullied by my X oncologist and his non empathetic, pathetic nurse. Who give us caring nurses a bad name.

edited, originally posted over 5 years ago
A MyBCTeam Member said:

I had a recurrence 22 years later.

posted over 5 years ago
A MyBCTeam Member said:

That's a good question and one I have been wondering about. I also had a lumpectomy, radiation and am now on Tamoxofien.

edited, originally posted over 5 years ago
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