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Swimmers After Mastectomy

Swimmers After Mastectomy

Hi im tryingvto get information about "swimming comfort" for lap swimmers after a Mastectomy.  I am looking for swimmers who had mastectomies with an implant, versus those who are swimming with prosthetic swim devices. I would like to hear their reviews as I am looking at which provides most comfort/functional for this practice. Thank u for any help you can offer Amoena Women's Aqua Wave Swim Form

A MyBCTeam Member said:

I have implants... and a pool! I am not a "competitive " swimmer and last year I wasn't able to get in the pool. I don't feel my new breasts (implants) would interfere with any physical activity! I did do physical therapy to regain range of motion and strength. I do yoga, walk, etc... Best of luck with your decision 🤩

posted 10 days ago
A MyBCTeam Member said:

I swim with my weighted prosthetic and have no issue with it.

posted 11 days ago
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