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What Things Did You Do To Help Your Significant Other With Your Small Child After Mastectomy?

What Things Did You Do To Help Your Significant Other With Your Small Child After Mastectomy?

I am finding it difficult to not be able to hold my two year old and help my husband more with her. Now that doctors had my cancel any visitors for next two weeks because of COVID19...I see my husband getting worn out. I try to do what I can, but he is getting frustrated because sometimes what I do to help causes her to want more things that I can't do and puts more on him. I'm at a loss...

A MyBCTeam Member said:

First what you have to do is be kind to yourself and remember that if the tables were turned, you know you would be doing everything your husband is doing, and then some. But if you want to do a simple something nice, one thing I do for my husband periodically that he loves is I write him a "50 Things". It's just a list of 50 Things I love about him, but it's not obvious things like his smile, it's the little things that he might not even have realized that I noticed - like how he always buys and installs new windshield wipers on my car without my having to ask, or how he always puts the fitted sheet on the bed for me because we have a heavy-ass mattress and I hate doing it. Stuff like that. Doesn't even have to be 50 - can be whatever you want. The point is just to let him know that you appreciate him and all he's doing and for being in your life. Sneak it under his pillow or something. 😉

You guys will get through this - it's what being "partners" is all about. Deep breaths and happy thoughts....💕

posted 24 days ago
A MyBCTeam Member said:

Is that ever nice of you MelissaDUnicorn. You are such a thoughtful loving person. Yes our Husbands need to know. Mine is so helpful and considerate. Even though I can do almost everything he always helps me with washing, cleaning, and cooking. I appreciate everything he does.

posted 20 days ago
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