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For the week after docetaxel, I have experienced pain and mouth sores. I find day 3, 4 and 5 the worst. I am less nauseas than the FEC treatments so that is good. I am worried about losing my fingernails, but so far so good. My eyebrows and eyelashes are also thinning so I think I will likely loss those soon. I am just curious how others are doing on docetaxel and any words of wisdom to get thru the next 2… read more

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Today one year ago I had a lumpectomy on my right breast after a diagnosis of triple negative IDC. Also the Sentinel node and one other node was removed. There was no node involvement. The tumor was 3cm so I had 34 radiation therapy treatments. The soreness has never left. I was told I had scar tissue and inflammation. I take 2400 I.U. of vitamin E every day since January. I have lumps on the outer side and almost under my arm. I was… read more

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I had my lumpectomy in sept and finished rad. in dec. I too am still sore with inflammation ! The burning sensation from rad has just started to subside !!! I hear… read more

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My Oncologist strongly advised me to have chemo on our first meeting. Stage 2 IDC 3.5cm...Estrogen and Progesterone Positive..Her2negative...LVI and PNI present. On my insistence I requested that the Oncotype Test be done. The test came back 14 with a 9percent chance of reocurrence.
The Oncology Dr changed her mind with the score being low. I spent two weeks preparing emotionally for chemo. I am relieved I do not have to have chemo and now the planis radiation and Femmara. However I feel… read more

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posted about 15 hours ago by A MyBCTeam User
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I had the same experience but went through 5 weeks of thinking I was going to have chemo. I had to ask to have the oncotype test after I read about it. Needless to say… read more

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Anyone here also diagnosed with lupus? If so what was your treatment plan, and how ate you doing?

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@A MyBCTeam User Did you know myhealthteams.com also has a www.mylupusteam.com support site?

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I finished chemo in February. Had surgery (BMX) March 24. I am healing well. Began radiation May 18. My CBC this week showed my WBC count to be low. Has anyone else had this happen?

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I had this almost zero after my second chemo treatment and developed a systemic infection that put me in the hospital for a few days. Not fun, but afterwards I… read more

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Any insite on the side effects for this drug? My exchange surgery is in September and I will then have my ovaries removed.

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I've had one injection and will have my second in two weeks. I am experiencing hot flashes and hip/joint aches. When I've been sitting for a while, it takes me a few… read more

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Has anyone done body cleansing post chemo with juices? If so please tell me. thank you

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posted 2 days ago by A MyBCTeam User
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Yes, I still juice daily, and do wheatgrass shots. I tried to totally detoxify after chemo. A great book is Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. Good read and very… read more

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