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I have been taking Femara for about a year now and about 4 months after I started taking it, my index finger on my right hand began sticking. It did start in 3 of my fingers in my left hand, but that has all but disappeared. After some research I found out it was trigger finger. After more research, I found it was possibly from the Femara. Has anyone else had this side-effect? It is worse in the morning. Warm water, paraffin dips, and immobilization have provided temporary relief. I take enough… read more

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posted about 19 hours ago by A MyBCTeam User
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I had it from Arimidex. I never took anything for it because it came and went. Good news is that it stopped when I got off the Arimidex.

posted about 8 hours ago

How soon after surgery before you can wear your prosthetic bras. Not worried about at home but in public would be nice. I don't plan on reconstruction right away maybe in a year or 2

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posted 1 day ago by A MyBCTeam User

Does anybody have residual pain after

tags: residual pain rib post lumpectomy radiation

posted 2 days ago by A MyBCTeam User
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Yep, forever having rib pain. Went through tons of testing, all clear. Months and months later it's clearer to me it is the top right rib that is causing the issues.… read more

posted about 17 hours ago

How do I engage in private NBC conversations with people on my team or otherwise?

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posted 3 days ago by A MyBCTeam User

Hi @A MyBCTeam User! There is a way to exchange emails with another member where only the two of you can see the email. Here is a link explaining how: read more

posted 3 days ago

Anyone have info about swollen neck lymph glands as a side effect of tamoxifen?

tags: Tamoifen Interactions

posted 3 days ago by A MyBCTeam User
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Here's the side effects for Tamoxifen and swollen glands isn't one of them - Anxiety, blistering, peeling, or loosening of the skin and mucous membranes, blurred… read more

posted 1 day ago

They told me I could experience flu like sypmtoms but dang... These body aches are horrible. Id rather be knocked out by AC. Tell me they get better with each treatment or this could be a long 12 weeks!!

tags: Taxol body aches

posted 3 days ago by A MyBCTeam User
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I had the watery eyes and nose with AC. Funny thing is this round is supposed to make that worse. But so far, I haven't had that at all. Appointment with eye Dr Monday… read more

posted 3 days ago

I am finished with chemo and sex is very painful. My husband has been so patient and gentle and I am just so upset and worried it will never get better. Anyone have any advice??

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posted 4 days ago by A MyBCTeam User
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I have the same problem talk with your gynecologist if it's dryness try replens it's over the counter if it's like pain without dryness which is my case my dr just… read more

posted 3 days ago

My arm which had 18 nodes removed is blotchy and has a slight rash.
Its not my whole arm
I have an expander and it has really hury past frw days. It feels like its pressing on a nerve in my armpit.
I go to Plastic surgeon on Tuesday.
My arm is not swollen but uppper arm feels tight.
I forgot my compression sleeve at home.
I have never had problems with my arm before

tags: blotchy arm

posted 4 days ago by A MyBCTeam User
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Not sure if you are still having trouble, but I had something similar and it was seroma fluid. Good luck I hope your P.S.can help.

posted 2 days ago

Ok, so almost 9 years after my rt mastectomy I went to see a PS. He gave me the options of either expanders/inplants or tram... so now I'm wondering on pros and cons from ladies who've been through it. Would so appreciate any insight from either surgeries. Thanks in advance to this awesome bunch of women!!

tags: reconstruction expanders implants

posted 5 days ago by A MyBCTeam User
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If you had radiation I would go with tram.

posted 1 day ago

I have had neuropthy in my left foot and leg since finishing treatment. It is not painful but I have developed very bad swelling and major pain in my right hand and arm. Been through 3 MRI's, epidural steroid injection, nerve conduction study and about to see neurologist. Was just wondering if anyone had this. Seeing my oncologist tomorrow for the first time in 10 weeks, still doing Herceptin every 3 weeks. Beginning to wonder if it's not severe neuropathy. So desperate that I'm also seeing… read more

tags: neuropathy

posted 5 days ago by A MyBCTeam User
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I do have neuropathy in both feet from Taxol. Mine never swelled but started hurting with pain so severe that I couldn't control it. At night I would have the… read more

posted 4 days ago