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Hi Ladies. I started taking Tamoxifen March'13. Had my first post chemo period in May. June and July periods were more or less regular , Aug one came one week early. Now it has been 6 weeks and no period. Do you have irregular periods on Tamoxifen? ( I am 44y.o. premenopausal)

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My Treatment ended in late April. I have not been able to sleep all night--something wakes me after a few hours and I'm wide awake all night. Fall asleep OK but then am awakened in the night and can't fall back asleep. Last night I didn't even fall asleep. A dr I have for pain management prescribed me something to help me sleep a few years back. It worked at first but now it isn't. I hate taking medicine all this… read more

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Hi ladies! So I had my exchange surgery one week ago today. Surgery itself went great but I have some concerns. My expanders had 640 cc's in the left and 620 cc's on the right. I told my plastic surgeon that I wanted to go bigger. He was able to place 750 cc implants. When I took my dressing off I'm really not happy. They look way smaller than the expanders did. I know expanders look different all together but my implants look almost square and small. I know it's only been a week… read more

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I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. My breasts are both inflamed and very extremely sensitive as well. I cannot wear my regular bras because they make the situation even worse. I have big breasts and they need support. What options do I honestly have?

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@A MyBCTeam User, doesn't it still hurt to have them enclosed like that? I don't know that a bigger bra size would help?

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Has anyone else who has been on xeloda experienced shortness of breath with some chest pressure. I started on xeloda on Friday and by Sunday was having increased shortness of breath wich progressed along with some pressure in my chest and neck. I went to the ER where EKG, chest xray and all bloodwork was fine

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Valerierob I just read literally about 5 minutes ago on another support group that although uncommon Xeloda can cause chest pain that mimics heart attacks. Supposedly… read more

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I should be more specific...I have 2 incisions...one on my Breast where tumor was removed and one under the upper arm area where lymph nodes were removed. I am only at… read more

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Genetics counsellor called with this result and also because the lab wanted to know if there was anyone else they could test for this variant in the family. Apparently this is the first time they have seen this specific mutation.

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Is it normal for port to be sore, it's been a week since placed. I know the incision should b, just unsure about the port itself. It's not b used yet.

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It took a bit for residual aching to disappear, and I continue to find it uncomfortable. But I agree with the others: you'll be glad it's there. Over time, you won't… read more

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Having double mastectomy with immediate latissimus dorsi reconstruction. Has any body have this done and if so can you give me a heads up on what to expect?

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Had a double masectomy and exoanders put in. Then started chemo. Had several surgeries because expanders went bad. Just when I was ready for implants I had a terrible infection in left breast. They had to remove the expander. We decided to wait until chemo was done and I was healthy. I finished chemo in May. I want to enjoy the holidays so will wait until Jan. to have left breast done. I have gone from 128 pounds to 152 from steroids and arimidex. I saw my plastic surgeon yesterday and told… read more

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I went from 134 lbs to 157 lbs.. I like you want to lose some weight and will be asking my doctor the same question. I will b having the Diep procedure . This uses the… read more

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