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I have been on tamoxifen now almost a month. Two weeks ago I noticed I was feeling 'queasy'. This rapidly developed into straight out nausea, which by the end of last week became debilitating. I went to the gastroenterologist on Friday; he prescribed Zofran which seems to be helping somewhat. My oncologist says nausea is not a side effect of tamoxifen. But I don't believe that. This started 10 days into the tamoxifen...there is no other explanation. Anyone else have thoughts on… read more

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Iv'e been going through 33 treatments of radiation, only have 3 left. My concern is that my arms and legs feel ache. My arms fall asleep, during the night while sleeping and wakes me up. My legs at time feel like rubber-bands. Do any of you experience anything like this ??? Just makes me wonder if my body just wants to get back to normal after everything it's been through.

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I am taking Exemaste for the next 5 years as an estrogen blocker... I started taking Bee Pollen to help my road to good health. I just read today that bee pollen can balance hormones. Does anyone have any information to share with me or advise?

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Does Chamomile tea interfere with Tamoxifen. My nutritionist suggested I add this along with green tea as recent research indicates strong anti-cancer properties. When you google chamomile and tamoxifen you can find lots of articles saying it interferes with tamoxifen and women should not take. But my nutritionist says the current research does not indicate that and she says its fine. I intrigued by it to help with sleep too...thinking of taking at night. Thoughts.

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@A MyBCTeam User what about green?

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Someone recently said their doctor said not to use soy during chemo. Is there a reason?

posted about 23 hours ago by A MyBCTeam User

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soy produces estrogen. I was on a diet right before I got diagnosed and they said to get off of it because it's main ingredient was soy. You can't totally get away… read more

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I just found two lumps and will be seeing my surgical oncologist this week. Will probably be having a biopsy even though it is more than likely scar tissue from a previous surgery (even if just for my peace of mind). I was told they can't get 100% of the breast tissue so how do they future checks? I know the chances are so slim, but I worry about getting it again. Hoping it gets easier with time!

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My Breast surgeon does an Ultrasound annually. I had a BMX and implants. I am going to start thermograms this year as well even though my surgeon doesn't believe in… read more

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I was glad to have done the BMX and DIEP flap on the same day. I have just two lollipop scars on my chest and while I avoided the linear across the chest scars because… read more

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My oncologist says I can dye it now....and it's only 1/2 inch. My hairstylist says I shouldn't have the dye at my root yet becuz of it going into the pores. She says I need to wait a while.

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I went to an Aveda salon 6 weeks after finishing chemo. Their dyes are a bit gentler than other brands. I now use Nutratint, you can find it at Whole Foods or similar… read more

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I have been through my first chemo and want to know if each one gets worse or are they all about the same? I was very tired with lots of joint pain and headaches. Thanks Gail

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@A MyBCTeam User, it just depends. Yes you need to drink plenty of water, thats something I didn't do my first round of chemo, and I paid for it, but after that I paid… read more

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When I was in tx, many of my buddies would take the pets (usually cats) of one of us that died.

I'm more just getting this off my chest than questioning. My beautiful, Cocker, my rock, will be two next week. Unless something happens to him, I'll be gone first.

I know a breed rescue. Many of those "we'll take care of your pets for the rest of their life if you will us your estate" aren't the greatest, and there will be nothing left. He comes from a well-respected line, but I do not want… read more

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@A MyBCTeam User
I hae more cute dog pics with me. All of my other photos are in storage. I'll post them soon. In my life, I started with a red, then a black, then a… read more

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