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Well, duh. Some of us actually come from small families, and/or they are dead, like mine. And/or so dysfunctional.

If you are asking for help, it's because you need it. You shouldn't hae to justify it.

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I can't keep up. Hae neer been able to afford a decent apartment of my own. Must be income-based. Can only go $350-450. Fleeing here Wed. Had 2 officers to the house the other night. Now, I will hae a $902 co-pay for my power wheelchair.

I don't want another MAP because then, specialists are $40-$60/isit, and counseling that would be free, isn't.

What kind of costs do you hae for specialist isits using Medicare? I will get an rx plan.

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Anyone on Arimidex and Crestor?

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I am on both. Let me know what your issues are and I will share what knowledge I have.

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I just finished week 6 (out of 12 weeks)of taxol and Herceptin and my neuropathy seems to be more frequent. It only lasts about a minute and goes away, but it seems to be occurring more often. Has anyone experienced this and does it go away after treatment is done?

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posted about 13 hours ago by A MyBCTeam User

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I started getting neuropathy about round 8 or 9. Just make sure to let your oncologist know about it. Reason being is there are different degrees of neuropathy stage… read more

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My daughter is a hairdresser. In general, with products like Rogaine or Nioxin, once you quit using them, the hair growth that they caused ceases. I'm not sure if that… read more

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I found this site because I am researching alternatives to Femara. I was on it for almost 2 most and have never been so miserable and in pain. I was taking 4 advil to face the gym. I also noticed my GFR, went down since before I went on the drug. I am looking into liver cleanses to get out the toxins and build up my immunity. I have stage 1 cancer with nothing in the nodes. I feel this drug is overkill… read more

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Tamoxifen is the 'gold standard' for estrogen blocking, but now is more often used for pre or peri-menopausal women since the three aromatase inhibitors have been… read more

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Thank you. My nails are still intact. But finger tips are numb and hurt at times. But the skin just started peeling. I start radiation next week..

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I am curious after another post about a high her 2 FISH copy number - for those her 2 negative sisters, what was your her 2 copy number - it's reported as one of the two numbers they divide to get your ratio. I think anthing higher than 4 makes the result equivocal. Mine was like 2.3 I think...wondering if that is normal or is in the ones more normal?

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I had herceptin along with radiation , even sometimes on the same day as the radiologist was across the street from the oncologist office. Mostly dealt with increase… read more

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